Dirty Hoe

“For many years, traditional viticulture relied on the hoe, a simple tool used to keep errant vineyard weeds at bay and allow vines to perform at their best. Modern practices have changed, but for those of us that still remember, we salute the Dirty Hoe…”


The “Dirty Hoe" wine label is a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes of viticulture, the humble hoe. Before the era of herbicides, vineyard workers like my Dad toiled tirelessly, wielding long-handled hoes to protect the young vines from the relentless advance of weeds. I fondly recall witnessing my father's dedication as he patrolled the rows, hoe raised high, poised to defend the precious vines from any errant weed daring to encroach upon their territory. This practice is steeped in viticultural folklore, a testament to the enduring connection between hard work and the art of winemaking. While there may be various interpretations of the "Dirty Hoe" label, for me, it symbolizes the untiring commitment and tradition that have enriched the world of wine.

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